Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Tinterillo, Yo creo como hablo, 2008

Lugar a dudas website
41 Salon Nacional website



MATERIALS:  A public patio, a public scribe, 36 types of forms, and the public's memories.

    This situation took place in Cali, Colombia in front of an art space called Lugar a Dudas (the place of doubt). I hired Diego Torres, a tinterillo by trade, to be available free of charge to the public. A tinterillo is a street scribe that provides literacy for the illiterate. In this situation the public can sit down and anonymously dictate a memory to Mr. Torres. There are no pre-conditions, but the available papers are a type of form that gently invites memory. Thus, voice becomes text, text occupies pages, and at the end the pages are bound into a storybook.