Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Taylor Square, 2005



MATERIALS:  Public park (fence, bench, flagpole, grass, public space), 5000 keys that open the gates to the park.

    This is a permanent work of public art for Cambridge, MA. It has two doors that are always locked from the outside and unlocked from the inside. 5000 keys were mailed to the homes nearest to the park. The keys came with the following text:

Here is your key. It is one of 5000 keys that opens Taylor Square, Cambridge's newest park. The park and the keys are a work of public art that I made for you. The park has barely enough room for a bench and a flagpole; please accept this key as its monument. Add it to your key chain along with the keys that open your home, vehicle or workplace. You now have a key to a space that has always been yours. Copy it and give it away to neighbors, friends and visitors. Your sharing will keep the park truly open.

    Taylor Square Park is at the intersection of Sherman, Garden Street and Huron Avenue.