Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Specials, a collaboration with Lisa Sigal, 2009



    Lisa Sigal and Paul Ramirez Jonas have created a collaboration called Specials.  Specials serves multiple functions, some formal, some social an some culinary.  With each manifestation of this project a new taco is created, and a new show is curated.  On June 6th Specials made its debut with "Failure is Impossible," by Anissa Mack, "Untitled (whole pig)" by Robert Gober, and an avocado, kimchee and lime taco.  On July 8th Specials reappeared at Cabinet with a surrogate by Allan McCollum, a painting by Dave McKenzie, and a delicious new taco. Specials on the High Line on September 17th featured "Downside Up" by Fiona Tan and "Bigode" by Regina Silveria, and a potato and corn croquette with red cabbage and avocado taco. On Thursday, October 1st Specials re-appeared on the High Line featuring artists who participated in 1993 Whitney Biennial: Janine Antoni, Byron Kim, Simon Leung, Glenn Ligon, Suzanne McClelland, Kiki Smith and Fred Wilson, and a cinnamon clove roasted pumpkin with cochojung sauce and roasted pumpkin seed garnish.