Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Rocinante, 2003


MATERIALS: Joint compound buckets, organ pipes, cymbal, 3 solar panels, bass drum, snare drum, PVC pipe, Radioshack TV, flags of all countries without a space program.

    This is a musical automaton that both in form and aspiration looks like a satellite. It is a proposal for the first object to be put in orbit representing countries lacking a space program. The flags of all these countries are painted on the side of the space craft. Because of severe budgetary constraints and an overall lack of know how, the satellite's only current function will be to play a mixture of L'internationale and Small World After All in the vaccum of space. Although the craft is fully functional it still lacks a proper launch vehicle. The small televison displays a countdown to the next performance. Once the automaton plays, the screen displays the lyrics of the modified song: so that the public may sing along.