Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Experiments in Plant Hybridisation, 2002


MATERIALS: Many postcards spread around the world.

    A pea was planted on the release date of the Horticulture issue of Cabinet Magazine. The issue included a postcard that said:
    Upon receipt of this postcard, I will print on it a photo of the plant as it exists at that moment and send it back to you. The boundaries of the photo will be the same as the boundaries of the plant. As the plant grows, the photo's frame will expand. Slowly more details from the environment will appear: a table, a dinner party, a door behind the table, a bed through the door, a couple on the bed, the birth of a child, the house, the city. It is possible that the plant may die before it reaches this scale. In that case, one of its descendants (a seed from that plant) will take its place. In time we will be able to grow a plant that is at least large enough to encompass the known world.