Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Paper Moon (I Create as I Speak), 2008

make your own paper moon here



MATERIALS:  616 sheets of office paper, inkjet ink, music stand, amp, and microphone, incantation I Create As I Speak.
Optional materials: the public's voice.

    This is a moon made of paper. The sentence I create as I speak is repeated over and over again, in a 616 page-long text. The sentence is written in such a way that when the pages are all pinned to the wall they form a twenty-foot image of the moon. One page, a fragment of the image, is removed from the wall and deposited on a lectern. The public is invited to read this piece of the moon (out loud or to themselves). The incantation I create as I speakis either the ultimate act of hubris, or it represents belief in our capacity to create.