Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Key to the City, 2010



    MATERIALS: People, 24,000 keys, 24 sites, 155 collaborators and the mayor.

    The Key to the City is both, a symbol and an award. It is traditionally given to a hero or any other worthwhile non-citizens symbolizing that they are now 'one of us' - and can have free entrance to the city. It is said that they are given the freedom of the city. This new Key to the City is for us and to be awarded among ourselves. We will give each other the key to the city for our private reasons that exist outside of history. Instead receiving the award for winning the World Series, we are being recognized for delivering all those letters along our route. One on one, one at a time, all the time, thousands of keys were bestowed by thousands of people on thousands of citizens for thousands of reasons that deserve to be recognized.