Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Is this land made for you and me 2, 2007



MATERIALS:  Unfired Clay, amplifier, mp3 player, microphone, music stand, Lyrics to Woodie Guthrie song.

    As expected, a music stand pedestals a score. In this case, the lyrics of the song This land is your land are typed onto clay slabs rather than paper. Meanwhile, the song's melody plays softly on an amp with a microphone plugged into it. It is ready to add the viewer's voice to the song. The public may sing out loud, or inside their head. Either way, you sing along.
The last two stanzas of this song are often omitted; in one of them the assertion, this land is made for you and me, is replaced with the question, is this land made for you and me? (Who is you and who is me?)