Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Every Day, 2001

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MATERIALS: 365 vinyl flags, string.

    Bodegas, Asian groceries, Indian supermarkets, curry stands. All around NYC immigrant shop owners decorate their shops with pennant streamers.  These flags were once used to decorate public spaces during special dates. Once, the color syntax encouraged civic or religious observance; now the flags are used for commercial speech. Rather than reminding us of a saint or independence, they now declare a sale or grand opening. Were once they came out occasionally, they are now ever present: in these stores every day is special. 'Every day' utilizes this form to create a calendar, with one flag per day. Each flag contains a fragment of information about its date. Together, they compile a history where the remembered co-exists with the forgotten, and the mundane is juxtaposed with the significant.