Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Assembly: US House of Representatives, Ford Theater, 2013



    MATERIALS: Ink, color pencil, graphite, and perforations on paper.

    The Assembly drawings continue to investigate ideas of constitutive body. A continuation of my Admit One drawings (2010-2013), these new drawings simultaneously lay out the floor plan of meeting places, as well as map out the precise seating geometry of the assembled public. Each person and their seat are represented by an admission ticket. The Admit One drawings presented one architectural site for assembly at a time. All together, the series continues to map out a taxonomy of public halls, churches, cinemas, theaters, etc. Assembly imagines how these spaces of deliberation (congress), of action (meeting halls), of spectacle (cinema) might intersect. Through this process Assembly proposes to make visible interdependencies, suggest possible alliances, and ponder disastrous similarities.