Paul Ramírez Jonas
Artist in the Public Realm

Men On The Moon, Tranquility, 1992

MATERIALS: Phonograph, 398 wax records, book

    Since 1990, I have been casting wax records that I record onto with my home made replica of Edison’s first recording machine.  I am re-recording the audio communications of the 23 hours men spent on the Moon on their first mission on July 20 and July 21, 1969.  Each wax record can hold, on average, 60 seconds of sound.  Each cylinder is indexed to the second and its contents are transcribed onto a ‘lyric’ book.  Many of the recordings contain static and silence. The project is broken into 4 sections Tranquility finished in 1992, EVA finished in 1996, Rest Period finished in 1998, and the last segment being made now.